Viter profile picture
Viter's profile picture
Personal Info
Age Unknown
Occupation Definitely not a no life who sits on his computer all day
Affiliation His mommy
Status Doing real life things since he's so cool and not a loser

Viter is a former member of Serious Experiment Rain who joined the server but left within only 20 minutes.

Little is know about Viter besides that he was friends with Lain, and on December 14th, 2016, she decided to add him, along with a bunch of other people she knew, into the server. Viter was talkative amongst the group for about 5 minutes, until Lain asked him if he had autism. Despite her asking him this seriously as he seemed to check off some of the symptoms, he took it as a personal attack and accused Lain and the rest of Serious Experiment Rain of being a bunch of pesky memers from 4chan. He kept repeating this as well as how no one in Serious Experiment Rain has a real life outside of the internet, which was obviously just him projecting based on how many times he had to tell everybody this. He left the server shortly after going on a rant about how everyone is cancerous and sucks, but didn't stop messaging Lain on Steam about how she only hangs out with idiots and children. Lain responded to him a few times, but eventually started to ignore him as that's what seemed to anger him more than anything else. He kept on messaging her to no avail for about an hour afterwards, only further making an ass out of himself. Lain has stopped talking to Viter in general after this situation, and he's since removed her as a friend on Steam.

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