The Rutles (incorrectly pronounced as "The Rootles") are a parody and the first tribute band to The Beatles, Stevo's favorite band, and a meme within Serious Experiment Rain.

Starting inside the DP Wiki Discord server, the meme spawned after Stevo thought it would be funny to tell Fancy Badger, Eggs Rank, and Ensoi about The Rutles' movie, All You Need Is Cash, for no apparent reason besides that he viewed the name and group to be cringy. It became a staple meme in the DP Wiki server, and was of course brought up inside Serious Experiment Rain shortly after. Later, Stevo brought up the sequel movie, Can't Buy Me Lunch, and that's when people in both servers excepted it as an actual meme. Its popularity peaked before Stevo left the DP Wiki in November of 2016, and despite not being used as frequently inside Serious Experiment Rain as it was in the DP Wiki server, it's still a pretty notable meme, remaining one of the most used ones in the chat. The meme is most often used by Ensoi and Stevo, with Ensoi even creating a song about it in Tomodachi Life. The meme is presumed to have died off inside the DP Wiki server, although this can't be verified as some members still use Hold On, another Beatles meme created by Stevo.

Outside of the two Discord servers, The Rutles have gained a surprising amount of real life notability, with many Beatle fans viewing the first film in the series to be a forgotten classic. All four of the Beatles, according to Rutles creator Eric Idle, loved the film, with George Harrison even making a cameo appearance inside the film. The Rutles' entire discography is on Spotify, with some of the songs breaking over 100,000 listens, and on YouTube, one of their songs has reached over 500,000 video plays. The Rutles also have a dedicated, exhaustive wiki with plenty of routine editors and over 400 different pages.


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