Dr balanced swordofstroms
Personal Info
Age 17

6 (mental age)

Occupation DP Wiki Admin
Affiliation DP Wiki
Status Masturbating to the thought of Eggs.

SwordofStorms is the head admin of the DP Wiki and a former member of Serious Experiment Rain who is well known for his ego and megalomania, and for taking his position on the DP Wiki way too seriously, treating it as a job.

Sword joined Serious Experiment Rain very early on during its conception, while it was still just a bot testing server. He left shortly after from boredom without ever saying a word in the server. Sword is very well know among members of Serious Experiment Rain to this day based off his, Ensoi's, and Stevo's relation to the DP Wiki Discord server, and how he would always get angry and abuse his power against them. Sword had and still does have an intense disgust towards the two, with his hatred for Ensoi being because she had God role in the server even though she wasn't wiki staff. Sword's hatred for Stevo all stems from the Lovisa situation, and despite Sword doing the same thing Stevo did earlier in his life, his cringe is justified for some reason. This all has made it where even the slightest thing the two did could set Sword off. The first time Sword abused his power in a major way was banning Ensoi for posting The Forbidden Jew in chat, without permission from Innos or Fancy first. He set up a Strawpoll to see if she should stay banned or not, and once more votes came in saying she should be unbanned, he vetoed the poll because he didn't get his way, and Ensoi stayed banned. This caused her to further her interest in Serious Experiment Rain. Sword eventually kicked Stevo for making a joke he deemed too offensive, causing Stevo to quit the wiki.


Original profile picture

Sword is notorious for acting like a mentally disabled child, being a big crybaby who whines when people make memes he deems to be unfunny or just doesn't get. He also gets mad when someone insults his crush, Eggs Rank, where Sword will always jump into protect from criticism no matter what. He also acts like this when someone disagrees with him in general on an issue, and will usually resort to verbally attacking or slandering them once they do. Sword has gotten angry at people for editing their own personal userpage a way he doesn't like. The first time Sword did thes was when Stevo didn't want to have his own Twitter public, so he removed it, prompting Sword to threaten to ban Stevo from the wiki. Sword has also gotten angry at people when they pass him up on the wiki leaderboards, despite them being fake internet points that don't mean anything in any real actuality. Sword's childish behavior alone is one of the main reasons most members of Serious Experiment Rain hold disdain for the DP Wiki.

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