During his mop-top years
Personal Info
Age 15
Occupation None
Affiliation Serious Experiment Rain
Status Sitting in front of his computer
StevoAwesome (usually shortened to Stevo and sometimes mispronounced as StevoAwesome-O) is a member of Serious Experiment Rain who is well known for having an endlessly cringy past.

Stevo used to be one of the most, if not the most active member of Serious Experiment Rain, but recently has been appearing less. Still, Stevo is in for a considerable amount of time each day, which eventually resulted in him receiving moderator role in the server. Despite being incredibly cringy, autistic, and plainly unfunny, Stevo has managed to become good friends with many members of Serious Experiment Rain, especially Ensoi somehow. Many of Serious Experiment Rain's memes also stem from Stevo usually, or just have some kind of relation to him.

When Stevo was barely a teenager, he ran a YouTube channel where he uploaded toy reviews and other similar content. Every single video was awful, which resulted in them heavily being made fun of by the members of Serious Experiment Rain, as well as the DP Wiki staff. Stevo eventually privated almost all 800 videos, with the majority of the remaining videos being just gameplay of M.U.G.E.N. Stevo has made a few of his videos unlisted for certain people to watch and laugh at, and Ensoi has even made multiple mashup songs with some of the ones he has shared with her.

Stevo has a deep admiration for The Beatles, especially John Lennon. John Lennon is considered by Stevo to be one of the greatest men to walk the Earth. His love for The Beatles' music is somewhat strange, and nobody seemed to bat an eye until around September of 2016, causing Stevo to get into many debates with people about the group, including Serephenne, Eggs Rank, and Innosflew.

Stevo's biggest display of cringe and retardation was during early 2016 where he tried to get laid online by Swedish freelance artist, Lovisa Morin. Appropriately dubbed 'The Lovisa Situation', this has gone down in both Serious Experiment Rain and DP Wiki history, and although mention of it has died down most recently, it is still used to make fun of Stevo whenever possible. The Lovisa Situation is possibly the most well known thing about Stevo inside Serious Experiment Rain.

Stevo used to be an admin on the DP Wiki, and was the editor with the second most frequent edits. He quit on November 23, 2016, after he and Ensoi decided it would be best to leave the wiki to die on its own, which resulted in backlash by Fancy Badger and some of his more sycophantal staff members. Despite leaving and having fundamental disagreements about how the wiki should be run, Stevo is still friends with Innos and a couple of the other staff members.


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If I had the opportunity, i'd kill Eggs.

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Fuck you! You don't know nothing about John Lennon!

I'm deep in that pussy.


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