Serious Experiment Rain is a Discord server created by Ensoi on September 27th, 2016.

Ensoi created the server after seeing the few bots in the DP Wiki Discord server and all the uses they individually had. She created Serious Experiment Rain as a means to be a testing room for random Discord bots, with the first bots being added to the room being Mirai, Dat Bot, KawaiiBot, LewdBot, OverwatchBot, RoboNitori, TypicalBot, Yuki-chan, and Miki. Many bots were eventually added and removed, with the now current (as of March 1st, 2017) roster being Trevor (formerly 7 GRAND DAD), SilvaGunner, Google, KawaiiBot, NotSoBot, Rem, Septapus, Botwinder Mk.II, ErisBot, SteamBot, Tatsumaki, YouTube, Now Live, Brigetta, and Daryl. All of the bots belong to The Wired.

After creating the room and adding a group of bots that suited her current needs, Ensoi invited many of her friends and other people she knew into the room, with many of them being DP Wiki staff members. The first people to join Serious Experiment Rain were Serephenne, Innosflew, Fancy Badger, Gatack, Reddish010, and SwordofStorms. SwordofStorms shortly left due to boredom and a few weeks later Ensoi invited Stevo into the chat once they became friends. Almost everyone she invited was inactive inside the server until Ensoi was banned from the DP Wiki server by Sword on October 25th, 2016. Ensoi decided she would work on making Serious Experiment Rain an actual server soon after, where she coded the SilvaGunner bot, and invited Zvisk, Fingy, and Alex Noble into the chat room. It's only continued to grow in quality and population, with a full list of all current and former members listed at the bottom of this page.

Serious Experiment Rain has seven text and five voice channels. They all usually have one use each, with the text channels being a general chat (which is the most used channel), a NSFW channel (which is rarely used since NSFW content is allowed in the general chat), a help channel for instructions on all the bots, a Vinesauce Twitch notification channel, and a Phantasy Star Online 2 feed channel, a Phantasy Star Online 2 EQ alert channel, and a bot testing channel. The voice channels are as listed: a general channel, a high quality rips channel--where SilvaGunner bot permanently remains to play high quality rips by SiivaGunner--a 7 GRAND DAD channel--which is used for testing the Trevor bot by Ensoi--and 'The Cage', where Daryl resides to play Easy Street on constant loop. The server also has a 'Cyberia' voice channel, although no purpose has ever been given on its existence, and it's assumed the reason for creation has been scrapped. One of Serious Experiment Rain's earliest voice channels was a music channel, although it was deleted in late November of 2016, and now music is just played in the general voice channel. There was also a text channel where ShitpostBot5000's Twitter feed was shown, although it was deleted shortly after.

Serious Experiment Rain is known for being very loose, with no rules whatsoever. Nobody has ever been permanently banned in the chat, no matter how disruptive or against the server they may be. This has caused some to revile the server as it is called "lawless" by some. These people are mostly just a fringe group of DP Wiki staff members, plus others who didn't get the humor and attitude of the chat. Some, however, like Irisaurus Rex, have more complex reasons for disliking Serious Experiment Rain.

Members Edit

Former Members Edit

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