Serial Experiments Lain DVD vol 1

Serial Experiments Lain is a weird-ass cyberpunk animu about an autistic schoolgirl named Lain. The best way to describe it would be they took the last two episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion and stretched it out for an entire series.

It is LainBear's favorite animu, and it is a fairly unknown fact that the series is actually an adaption of her autobiography.


  • Lain - Your average schoolgirl. Also happens to be the god of the Internet. Yeah... the series is weird like that...
  • Alice - Lain's best friend and sex partner
  • Taro - Annoying kid who once tried to get in Lain's panties.
  • Karl and Lin - Two people who follow Lain wherever she goes
  • Masami Eiri - Guy who pops in every once in every once in a while to annoy Lain, but Lain always ends up rekting him.
  • Knights of the Eastern Calculus - Enigmatic group of people on the Internet. Taro has done work for them.

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