Super Apollo Geist Battride War
Getting ready to blow some Console Peasants
Personal Info
Age Unknown
Occupation Grand Edgelord of the PC Master Race
Affiliation PC Master Race
Status Harassing Ensoi

Reddish010 is a member of Serious Experiment Rain and former DP Wiki senior moderator.

Reddish joined Serious Experiment Rain very early in its creation, but never said a word in it until recently. Even then, he only comes in just a couple of times a week, although he only comes into to say "hello" to people and then he leaves again. Ensoi has kicked him many times for doing nothing, but he always rejoins and bitches when he gets kicked. Ensoi has given up on kicking him, although she'll sometimes do it on random for shits and giggles. Reddish used to believe he and Ensoi were dating, until she crushed his dreams and he then made excuses that people like Stevo and Gatack made her a cancerous memer, despite her being that all along.

Reddish spends the majority of his time editing some kind of wiki, whether it be the Brett Keane Wiki, the LeafyIsHere Wiki, or the DP Wiki, in hopes of becoming a staff member there again. Reddish was promoted to admin on the Serious Experiment Rain Wiki (back when it was the StevoAwesome Wiki) after Stevo was tricked into giving him bureaucrat status. Reddish honorably demoted himself on November 24th, 2016, but still edits occasionally.

Reddish fancies himself as the "Grand Wizard of the PC Master Race", although he's really just someone who plays games on his computer casually. Reddish always tries to find "console peasants" so he can "rekt" them, even though he's an edgy teenager who just found out about PC gaming and all of the benefits of it.

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