Raven shad

Raven is a DC superhero from the Teen Titans comic book series and a meme within Serious Experiment Rain. In 2003, she rose to prominence due to her appearance in the Teen Titans Cartoon Network show.

Stevo has been watching the show since he was a small child, and because of this, he has made Raven his imaginary waifu. Stevo has shared his fan art of Raven in Serious Experiment Rain, and even the old DP Wiki Skype and Discord chat. All but Fancy Badger thought Stevo picked a bad waifu, resulting in it being referenced more and more by people to make fun of Stevo, and it eventually became big enough to be classified as a meme. Despite being a somewhat minor meme within Serious Experiment Rain, it was quite popular between DP Wiki staff members, with many of them jokingly making exaggerations about Stevo's supposed love for Raven. This resulted in Eggs Rank actually being tricked into thinking Stevo had contemplated suicide because he couldn't actually be with her. Besides just fighting about whether or not she is a good or bad waifu, Stevo and the others have fought about who's waifu is better, although it was usually just between him and False.

Stevo has regularly shown to people, including Ensoi and the DP Wiki staff, the Raven hentai on Newgrounds made by Zone. Most people thought it was stupid, although some, including Fancy Badger, found it to be hot. Stevo also has Raven art favorited on Newgrounds, which he has shown to Ensoi once.


  • Stevo once spent 2 weeks building a giant Raven statue in Minecraft.


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