Nowhere Lance
Personal Info
Age Unknown
Occupation Pizza delivery man
Affiliation Gay Asians
Status Watching some kind of movie, TV show, or album while stoned

Nowhere Man (formerly known as LanceCplThomas) is a member of Serious Experiment Rain.

Nowhere Man joined Serious Experiment Rain in mid-November of 2016, after Stevo convinced him to join. He has become a regular in the chat coming in almost every day. He usually gets yelled at by Ensoi when he's in there, although she's fine with him as a person and doesn't seem to mind him despite this. Nowhere Man gets along with all of the other regulars just fine, except for Serephenne who he seems to annoy. Nowhere Man regularly shares memes in the chat, and is a welcome addition to the server. He isn't made fun of too much inside Serious Experiment Rain, but when he is, it's usually because of his old videos, him being from Texas, him being stereotypical gay, and for being a stereotypical neckbeard.

Nowhere Man was known across the internet as LanceCplThomas, who gained a somewhat decent YouTube following due to him being the senior admin of the DP Wiki. He stopped making videos in October 2016 after his video making

The first and most well known version of his LanceCplThomas profile pictures.

schedule became infrequent, and later the next month he deleted all the videos from his channel. Nowhere Man disassociated himself from the LanceCplThomas name, and changed his name on all his social media accounts to Nowhere Man. His old videos have been joked about in Serious Experiment Rain for their low quality, although not on the same level as Stevo's old videos. Nowhere Man also makes edits of films, with many of them being about Evangelion. These can all be found on his DP Wiki userpage.

In August of 2016, before Serious Experiment Rain's creation, Nowhere Man started experimentation with drugs, most notably weed and LSD, which resulted in him becoming more of a memer and becoming inactive on the DP Wiki. Nowhere Man was introduced to The Beatles by Stevo and because of his drug experimentation has become infatuated with their music. Nowhere Man now talks about Beatles, drugs, and politics more than anything inside the Serious Experiment Rain server and in private with others. This pleasures Stevo because he gets to talk to another person about The Beatles, although others seem to not care. Many people doubt that Nowhere Man does do drugs, and only think he's faking due to the edgy druggy vibe he gives off, although he has shown photographic evidence to prove he does.

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