Valiant (Formally known as Mariofox since 2007) is a user who likes anime and music. Frequently browses YouTube for his source of entertainment. No longer uses Steam as much because he no longer wants to play vidya that much. He's planning on going to school around 2017 and 2018 for computer related inquiries. He has known LainBear for a very long time now. Lain knows him longer than her friend Serephenne and Psych is the same age as her. He is a very calm and quiet guy and is very laid back. He is also very introverted and logical has learned to deal with solitude all his life. He has a form of autism but that doesn't stop him. He's known to be positive but also possesses a deep realistic sense about him. He likes humor a lot and loves to laugh. He once used to be a prank-loving loser towards others on the Internet especially towards Lain but now he changed everything about himself for the better. He no longer wants to cause trouble towards anyone and just wants to be himself. He just wants to be a best friend towards Lain because he still cares about her even after all the chaos. He is deeply sorry for the terrible things he had done.

Psych is a big fan of Hideo Kojima and his favorite game series of all time is the Metal Gear Saga. He also likes Deus Ex Human Revolutions, Uncharted 4, Grand Theft Auto Series, and Half-Life 2. He has been a Nintendo fan since his childhood and his favorite childhood game is Super Mario 64. He hasn't really played that many games but he really likes to discuss and joke about them. He has a strong passion for games and plans on creating his own some day. He also wants to play Death Stranding really bad. He also secretly likes Touhou but hasn't played every single game. He likes the music and characters and his favorite character is Satori.

Psych has also helped his older brother make Pokemon and music related videos on his brother's YouTube page. Psych and his brother open up TCG Pokemon cards and Psych is known to pull an enormous amount of insane pulls. Psych has shown to play himself and as well as his alter ego Brock who is the very opposite of Psych. His brother enjoys making those videos and has thanked his brother Psych numerous times for helping him. Psych has high hopes that his brother will become successful and is just happy to be a part of it. Psych has gained some friends through his brother's work online and they all support what Psych and his brother do. They all plan to meet Psych some day once their music group his brother is apart of takes off.

His favorite animes are Dragon Ball Z, Naruto (currently watching), Fairy Tail, Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop (plan to rewatch) to name a few. He really likes Rei from Evangeion and his favorite characters of all time are Goku and Vegeta. He likes shounen and psychological animes as well as movies. He has seen Serial Experiment Lain and has liked it.

His favorite music genres are Lo-fi Hiphop, Chill, Ambient, Melodic Dubstep/Future Bass, Glitch-hop, 8bit.

Discord tag: #0010


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