Personal Info
Age 22
Occupation Artist
Affiliation Not Stevo
Status Going on with her life as a normal person

That pussy is mine!

— The infamous quote by Stevo.

Lovisa Morin is a Swedish lesbian that StevoAwesome wanted to fuck in the pussy during the beginning of 2016, before the creation of Serious Experiment Rain, while Stevo was a moderator on the DP Wiki. Even though the "Lovisa situation" as it's dubbed happened months before the creation of Serious Experiment Rain, it has still been heavily mentioned in Serious Experiment Rain with Lovisa being somewhat of a running gag amongst everyone. Despite being known as one of the cringiest things done by Stevo, some, including Ensoi, have decided that it really wasn't that big of a deal. Both Ensoi and Gatack have tried inviting Lovisa into the chat, but to no avail, as she has never responded to either of them about the server.


In the hopes to add more diversity to the DP Wiki staff, Fancy Badger, SwordofStorms, and StevoAwesome were looking through the DP Wiki's Twitter followers to find a female fan who might be interested in editing the wiki. The female they decided was Swedish artist, Lovisa Morin, and the three decided they would set up a bet on who could get her interested in the wiki before the others. Stevo of course went the obvious route of complementing her art through DMs, which of course was able to get her attention. Stevo was able to get her to join the DP Wiki Skype group. Although she was not interested in editing the wiki, Stevo suggested she draw a piece of art for the new DP Wiki's

The Lovisa situation in a nutshell

homepage, to which Innosflew and SwordofStorms discussed with her. After Lovisa made an obvious joke about how Stevo could win her love, Stevo like a dolt took it seriously and tried to get laid. The first and of course most sure-fire way to get your dick wet is to try playing a game that someone else likes, so that's exactly what Stevo did, and tried playing Hearthstone to impress Lovisa. Too bad Stevo is absolutely shit at video games and died on the tutorial level, despite SwordofStorms coaching him. Stevo eventually got triggered at Uzalu, the programmer of the DP Wiki for actually being good at the game, to which Stevo then referred to him as Mr. Steal Yo Girl. If all this wasn't cringy enough, Stevo went onto 4chan's /r9k/ board to get advice on how to get laid, since /r9k/ is known as the best place for sex advice. Stevo's gay attempts to win Lovisa's poon were foiled once Eggs Rank tricked Stevo (like the gullible retard he is) into thinking she loved Innosflew. Stevo decided to leave the wiki in a means to think his life over, and rejoined a few months later.
Liberal Ocelot

After rejoining, the other staff still wanted to know if Stevo wanted to get laid by Lovisa by setting up tests for him, including Ensoi and Gatack finding fake nudes of Lovisa to see how Stevo would react, and harassing Lovisa over Twitter to see if Stevo would white knight her. Instead of Stevo coming to her rescue, it ending up being Liberal Ocelot, a semi-popular artist online who came to protect her. After Stevo showing of a lack of care, all the staff realized that the Lovisa thing was dead, except for Eggs Rank who kept bringing it up in a pathetic attempt to 'rekt' Stevo.

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