Ted-cruz-renounce-citizenship 70638 990x742
One of the 6 pictures spammed in the chat by Lard.
Personal Info
Age Unknown
Occupation Political Memer
Affiliation Gubra Lagima
Status Unknown

Lard is a former member of Serious Experiment Rain.

Lard joined Serious Experiment Rain on December 28th, 2016, after Stevo sent an invite link to Gubra Lagima, Fancy Badger's "enemy" on the internet, hoping to get him inside the server. Gubra was unable to join as he didn't use Discord, but said he would spread the link around to people who knew. About an hour later, a random person simply named Lard entered the chat room, and immediately spammed pictures of American politician, Ted Cruz, inside the chat. He was automatically kicked for this by Utilibot, and although he was sent an infinite invite link, he never rejoined, and it's assumed he never will in the future. It is unknown exactly who of Gubra's friends this was, although it can be narrowed down to a select group of people, most probably a former DP Wiki staff member.

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