Personal Info
Age 22
Occupation Musician
Affiliation Serious Experiment Rain
Status Being a GOD

LainBear (usually shortened to Lain) is the founding member of Serious Experiment Rain, known for her acerbic wit, sense of humor, and incredible talent and knowledge in the field of electronic music.

Lain created the Serious Experiment Rain Discord server on September 27th, 2016 after wanting to dedicate an entire server to experimenting with Discord bots. Slowly over the next two months, it would turn into an actual chat, and would go on to become the worst Discord chatroom of all of Discord's charooms. Lain role in Serious Experiment Rain is 'Grandsoi', and as the server's founder, she has all administrative powers. This amount of power, unlike in other Discord servers, is never abused, and Serious Experiment Rain in general has no rules whatsoever and no bans on record. The new direction from bot testing server to actual chatroom spawned after Lain and Stevo were kicked from the DP Wiki Discord server by SwordofStorms for menial reasons. Along with Stevo, the only other people Lain has trusted with power inside Serious Experiment Rain are Serephenne and Gatack, with Serephenne having administrative powers that even rival Lain's, and Stevo and Gatack being moderators with significant power over most server members.

Lain is an amateur electronic musician who goes by the aliases Ensoi, Light Creator, and most recently, Blainear. All of these aliases are each used for a heavily contrasting styles of electronic music from the other. With Ensoi being her main alias and the one she's had for the longest time, since 2011, it's obvious it's the alias which has had the most time and effort devoted to music wise. Lain has two completely original, fully produced albums for Ensoi, 'Picea' and 'ISOLATION'. These are entirely original works, although some influence from artists such as The Flashbulb and Boards of Canada can be noticed. Although she only has two Ensoi albums, she has done many collaborations with other amateur musicians, like Alex Noble, and she has hundreds of unfinished songs on her Google Drive. Lain's second alias, Light Creator, was planned for numerous different things, although it only ever resulted in a mashup EP in 2012. Lain's third alias, Blainear, was created most recently, in late December of 2016. It is used as an experimental vein for her music, as a way to get more motivation in making music. It is used for mostly experimental music inspired by the mood of Serial Experiments Lain, and currently is the alias she focuses on most, with her extensively making new songs for it. Lain plans to take her music making capabilities to a much higher level, and to start she plans on going to music production and audio engineering classes in 2017.

Lain shares her first name with Lain Iwakura of the anime series, 'Serial Experiments Lain'. Serial Experiments Lain has had a deep personal connection with Lain ever since she watched it as a teenager, and with the only exception of Neon Genesis Evangelion, is her favorite anime series of all time. The connection between Lain and Serial Experiments Lain becomes very apparent as soon as you meet her, as all of her profile pictures are some screenshot or Photoshop of the Lain Iwakura character. Most of her usernames are as well an iteration of Lain Iwakura, especially in her bear pajamas, which are frequently seen worn by her in the series. Her recent Blainear artist alias is LainBear with the B in Bear being brought to the front, and all of the Blainear album, EP, or single covers are a Photoshop of a certain screenshot of the Lain character. Another obvious connection is Serious Experiment Rain's name and this wiki's very theme designed by Lain herself.

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