The Masked Bulldog
Trying to be sophisticated
Personal Info
Age 14 (lied and said 18)
Occupation DP Wiki Admin (formerly)
Affiliation DP Wiki Staff (formerly)
Status Eating some Rachael Ray dog kibble
Kivil is a former Drunken Peasants Wiki admin and member of Serious Experiment Rain. She is known for her unique bulldog facial features and for being incredibly self-absorbed. Kivil was promoted to moderator and eventually admin on the DP Wiki after Stevo left during the Lovisa situation. She was demoted when she harassed Drunken Peasants guest, Rybi Jenkins.

Kivil's first interaction with Serious Experiment Rain was when Ensoi and Stevo responded to her insipid Twitter, where she posts mindless status posts about her day to day life, and where she posted jailbait of herself. She revealed herself to be delusional in her weight, where she thinks it's okay to be obese because it makes her breasts bigger. After acting like everything was fine, she then created a safe space, blocking both Ensoi and Stevo. She even managed to turn the DP Wiki Discord into a safe space, after Fancy felt it would be too mean to make fun of her, despite her threatening suicide for Ben. She eventually ended up getting her Twitter account suspended, but she was unsuspended shortly afterwards for some reason.


One of many Kivil Photoshops made

Kivil joined Serious Experiment Rain about a month later, on December 16th, 2016, where she debated with Ensoi, and specifically Stevo. Kivil's main defense in trying to get people off her back was blaming both Ensoi and Stevo for her depression and problems in life, and also attempting to turn the tables on Stevo when he criticized her. Kivil tried to pin her suicidal thoughts and attempts on others, but all while seeming like she was trying to be edgy while doing so, which only made her attempts at gaining pity plainly obvious. After talking about this for about an hour, she and the others had a conversation which wasn't a debate between each other.

About three weeks later, Kivil got into a massive debate with Ensoi and Gatack about her weight and unhealthiness once again. Kivil's main excuse was that she lost 20 pounds, although her BMI was still overweight. After they fought for about 30 minutes, she admitted that she is glad that she is unhealthy and going to die of onset diabetes in her 30s, in an attempt to get people off her back, and then stormed off. The next day she came online and started a fight with Ensoi, Gatack, Serephenne, and Stevo for no reason, and almost immediately started threatening that she would leave the server forever. She kept repeating this everytime somebody told her they didn't care, and it was obvious that she was just trying to get people to give her attention and show that they care, although the exact opposite happened, and she left the server angrily once everyone decided to start ignoring her.


I don't care if I am unhealthy!

I don't want to be skinny.


  • She has her own YouTube channel with videos on par with Stevo's old videos: Kivil Hooves.

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