Personal Info
Age 3
Occupation Bot
Affiliation Ensoi

DP Wiki staff (formerly)

Status Living in The Wired
KawaiiBot (formerly nicknamed as FalseShepherdBot) is (or was) a seminal bot in Serious Experiment Rain.

KawaiiBot has numerous different features (listed below), but the feature that gets the most use in Serious Experiment Rain is the rule 34 feature, which can find strange rule 34 based off of certain names and tags, and post the results in the chat. Many people have started using the 7 GRAND DAD bot to search for rule 34 more recently, and KawaiiBot is used significantly less now. KawaiiBot's rule 34 feature was heavily used in the DP Wiki server before Ensoi created Serious Experiment Rain.

Things KawaiiBot can do Edit

  • Rate your waifu
  • Choose between two waifus
  • Meme things
  • Rekt things
  • Find rule 34

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