The Sexy Hungarian God
Personal Info
Age 25
Occupation Webmaster of the DP Wiki

Actual real life job

Affiliation kek
Status Being worshiped by puny mortals

Hey, what's up guys, it's Scarce here.

— Innos

Innosflew is a member of Serious Experiment Rain, webmaster, and co-leader of the DP Wiki. Innos is an integral part of Serious Experiment Rain's creation, as his Al Gore's Rhythm bot is one of the things which inspired Ensoi to create Serious Experiment Rain as it originally was, a bot testing server.

Innos periodically checks into Serious Experiment Rain and is a respected member despite not showing up a whole lot. He is one of the few members of both Serious Experiment Rain and the DP Wiki server who isn't a retard and/or a complete cry baby who can't handle other people's opinions, as well as being one of the few people in both servers to genuinely be humorous. Both Ensoi and Stevo have expressed wanting to have him come into the chat more often than he does.

Innos is well known across both communities for his knowledge and skill in computers and has helped many members build their PCs, including Gatack, Stevo, and Ensoi. Innos also is known for his Photoshop skills which far succeed anything Stevo or Gatack could produce with the application.

Innos has a surprisingly large presence across many online communities, mainly ones that have some kind of involvement with the Drunken Peasants Podcast, including the Drunken Peasants Facebook Fan Club, Kraut and Tea's Discord server, Uzalu's Cabal, and many others, plus a somewhat large following on Twitter.

Innos is the only member of Serious Experiment Rain who isn't a complete loser who sits at his or her computer all day, actually having a real life and a job which pays him enough money where he eventually was able to buy land. He is also one of the few people in the server who isn't afraid to have their face public to the internet. They're also the only ones to have their full names out in the public. All of this has gained him a considerable amount of respect, being able to meet up with certain YouTubers like Kraut and Tea, and to gain respect from people like Gubra Lagima, who is usually against most DP Wiki staff members.

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