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Hold On (also known as Hold On John and Hold Orn Jorn) is a song by John Lennon appearing on his first studio album, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band.

The song (or at least the first few seconds of it) has become a meme within Serious Experiment Rain. It started on the DP Wiki Discord sever, after Stevo made it so a portion of the song
Hold On - John Lennon01:55

Hold On - John Lennon

automatically plays once visiting his old DP Wiki userpage. It carried on over to the Serious Experiment Rain server shortly after, and is generally brought up randomly when John Lennon is discussed, or is used as just an exaggerated way to tell someone "hold on".


  • It is one of the shortest songs by John Lennon during both his Beatles and post-Beatles career.

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