One of the most well known of his many profile pictures
Personal Info
Age 17
Occupation DP Wiki Moderator (formerly)
Affiliation DP Wiki Staff
Church of Drunken Peasants
Status I don't know, probably fapping to some hentai

I want to cut Brett open and shove his waterheaded idiot children in his stomach, stitch him up, then make him give birth to his children.

Gatack was the resident autist of the Drunken Peasants Wiki (aside from FalseShepherd). He was formerly the Head Moderator, but he got demoted to regular moderator for being lazy. Like Stevo, he has a gay crush on a musician, his crush being on David Bowie. Gatack was demoted entirely on October 27th, 2016, for doxing someone because they were better at Payday 2 than him. He still keeps in contact with Stevo and many of the wiki staff members.


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