His current profile picture which he's been using for about 2 years
Personal Info
Age Unknown
Occupation Creature Wiki Admin
Affiliation The Creature Wiki
Status Playing vidya yo

GamerMadness is a member of Serious Experiment Rain.

GamerMadness joined Serious Experiment Rain on December 14th, 2016, after Stevo invited him, along with Danall and TargetBuster into the chat, based off their previous friendship on The Creature Wiki. Unlike Danall and TargetBuster however, GamerMadness joined the chat while Stevo was offline, and so he only communicated with Ensoi and Gatack. GamerMadness held a conversation with them for about an hour before going offline to go get breakfast, and hasn't been online since. It's assumed he won't come back anytime soon.

Little else is known about GamerMadness besides him being a fan of The Creatures. His Twitter bio states that he loves video games, movies, and books, and his Twitter feed tends to be rather political, with many tweets focusing on the 2016 election and Donald Trump.

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