FunkCP's Steam profile picture (as of December 14th, 2016)
Personal Info
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Affiliation Serious Experiment Rain
Status Being a pervert

FunkCP (known on Steam as Funkmaster) is a member of Serious Experiment Rain who has had very little interaction with the server. Nothing is known about FunkCP except that he is Albanian and that he is friends with Lain.

FunkCP joined Serious Experiment Rain on December 14th, 2016, as an attempt by Lain to get even more activity inside the server than already was. Having FunkCP on Steam, along with Dariushart, Boomie, and Viter, she messaged him from there with an invite to the server which he eventually joined. FunkCP only said a couple of things, a greeting to the chat, and telling Stevo to fuck off after Stevo made a pun about his name, calling him 'False's CP' as a reference to different Serious Experiment Rain member, FalseShepherd, and how False's hentai involves Asuku, who is 14. He didn't say anything after this and went offline about an hour later. FunkCP stayed offline for almost a month, until he came into the chat in mid-January of 2017 to say "shitty balls", and then went offline again. Considering how infrequent FunkCP uses Discord and how he never even set up a profile picture for himself on it, it's presumed his appearances inside the chat will be very few and far between.

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