Fancy Badger
The avatar he is most associated with
Personal Info
Age 19
Occupation Founder of the DP Wiki
Affiliation Neb
Status Ruling over his wiki
Fancy Badger, aka The Gerudo Dragon, is a former member of Serious Experiment Rain who's known best for being a cunning linguist and the founder and "president" of the Drunken Peasants Wiki. Fancy left Serious Experiment Rain on November 23rd, 2016 due to conflictions with Ensoi and Stevo.

Fancy used to be very good friends with both Ensoi and Stevo until Stevo decided to step down from admin on the DP Wiki. Fancy's wiki policies were the main reason Stevo decided to leave the wiki, and after hearing this, Fancy blocked him. Ensoi agreed with Stevo and encouraged him come to that decision, and that was enough for Fancy to remove her as his friend, even though they had known each other for 7 years, 5 years longer than the DP Wiki's creation. Fancy now believes they're rats, doc-dropping sympathizers, and that they're delusional because the Drunken Peasants like the wiki (which is just a big appeal to authority). Fancy immediately left Serious Experiment Rain after this, although he and Stevo eventually made up and are on relatively good terms.

Fancy was one of the first members in Serious Experiment Rain, back when it was a bot testing server, and due to the original nature of the server, rarely said anything inside the chat. He usually would just respond to something someone else said, although it would never spawn off into an actual conversation. Fancy regularly used Serious Experiment Rain, however, as a meme dumping depository. He would often post a meme or picture he deemed funny into the server as a ways to share something he found online with others. Besides this, Fancy's contributions were limited, although his and Sword's actions inside the DP Wiki Discord server are responsible for the evolution of Serious Experiment Rain from a bot testing server into an actual chat room.


  • He is a furry.


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