The Autistic Superentity
Personal Info
Age 19
Occupation DP Wiki Admin
Affiliation DP Wiki staff
Status Fapping to fan art of Asuka
FalseShepherd is a member of Serious Experiment Rain well known for his incredible autism and for being an admin on the DP Wiki.

False joined Serious Experiment Rain in mid-October of 2016 and became a somewhat frequent member. He was kicked in early November by Serephenne after spamming the chat with Asuka rule 34 he had saved on his tablet. False was inviting back a few weeks later by StevoAwesome, and after a while started to become more frequent of a member again. This all lasted until Fancy Badger, SwordofStorms, and Eggs Rank threatened his position on the DP Wiki unless he left the server, because they felt Ensoi and Stevo were dox apologists. False eventually rejoined the server about two weeks later, in spite of what the other DP Wiki staff said, and now he comes in, talks, and posts anime memes on occasion.

False is a huge weeaboo, constantly recommending animes to others, even if they themselves aren't fans of anime. His favorite anime waifu is Asuka Langley Soryu, a character from the series Neon Genesis Evangelion. False constantly shares with people his Asuka fan art collection as well as his Asuka hentai, and he regularly gets off to it, despite the character being 14. Another of False's waifus is Megumi Shimizu, a minor character from the anime series Shiki. Despite her being the character archetype of a spoiled teenage brat, False has made her his #2 waifu. The anime she originates from isn't even good or interesting, but that doesn't stop False from going around recommending it to random people and explaining to them why Megumi is great. While False has a plethora of anime babes for him to masturbate to, the only real life people he has shown to get off to are pornstar, Remy LaCroix, and Twitch streamer, KaceyTron.

Despite False being obviously on the autism spectrum, checking off all of the major symptoms, he defends himself by stating that he hasn't been officially diagnosed, yet he never goes to get a diagnosis. Even with his autism, he tends to be an endearing fellow, and his autism only makes him funnier. False has made a plentiful of memes, often terrible, but always funny. False will sit in voice calls and ramble on about anime and video games and make strange noises and sounds like a retard, but unlike most autists, he's unexplainably funny while doing this. This has resulted in him severely angering Innosflew and others in the voice call with him, which even furthers the hilarity.

False's "great" memesEdit

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