Personal Info
Age 18
Occupation Dank Sexy Boy
Affiliation The Bunker
Status Getting on his dorm mate's nerves

I think it might be both. Ive [sic] never met anyone else like you.

— Eggs admitting his love for Lain.

Eggs Rank (also known as Aids Dank) is the dankest, funniest boy on the internet.

Eggs Rank is most well known for being an admin on the DP Wiki and the DP Discord server. Eggs would always tell people about how good the community was doing. He would brag about the leader, Fancy, and how he was the best possible leader, until said leader was caught soliciting nudes from a minor. A coup was planned to overthrow Fancy, and Eggs autistically backtracked, stating he knew from the beginning that the community would fall because of him.


Due to Eggs being diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, it is to be well assumed that he displays a high amount of obnoxious behavior due to his social ineptitude. This rings true especially in voice calls where Eggs often goes on long rants. These rants sometime get to the point where he's shouting almost entirely inaudible. Surprisingly, his parents would do nothing about this, except for when Eggs says something bad about Hillary Clinton. This would prompt one of his parents (usually his mom) to come into his room and forcibly take his microphone away for about a day. Eggs is now somewhat afraid of acting super autistic due to him being in college, yet it's hard to notice a big difference. Eggs often repeats random phrases and sentences, which he dubs as his memes. These usually come out at unnecessary times or in the middle of a conversation. Eggs will also blurt out things he dislikes about certain people and YouTubers at complete random.

The Normie RantEdit

In late 2016, Eggs went on a 3 hour long rant about "normies" in his school. It was basically just him bitching about how special he is compared to the rest of his classmates, because he likes politics, atheism, and PC gaming. Everyone told him to shut up, and when people tried to debate him about it, he'd just kick them from the group and cry more.

Planned WebseriesEdit

Over the course of 2 years, Eggs has planned to make many different animated webseries. None of them ever went anywhere, besides a few concept arts. The first one was called "Bad Choices Make Bad Decisions". Eggs has withheld telling anyone information regarding the series, besides saying it's really cringey. The second was DP Panimated, which would have simply been an animated adaptation of the Drunken Peasants Podcast. Then he planned to make The Stevo Awesome Show, which would have chronicled cringey things that someone he knew online has done. The next show he planned was Egghead Animated, which was about a cringey guest on the Drunken Peasants. Eggs currently is in the development of a show called Skeptic High. The plot of the show is basically a bad rip-off of Monster High, but with skeptic YouTubers. Eggs keeps switching between whether or not the show will actually get made, after his falling out with Fancy, who co-created it with him. The only non-animated series Eggs made was Drunken Recap, which was a rip-off/homage to the Drunken Peasants. Many of Eggs' friends make fun of Drunken Recap, leading him to hold contempt for his old show.


Eggs once fell in love with a girl he met online named Lain. Despite Lain disliking Eggs quite a bit, and Eggs never even seeing what she looked like in real life, he fell for her and tried to date her. Eggs for some reason thought that Lain viewed him as a friend as he would always go to her to complain about minor things. Eggs' biggest attempt at winning Lain's love over was to buy her all the expansions for Crusader Kings II on Steam, for the price of 159 dollars. This never came to fruition as Lain eventually bought them all herself, which made Eggs visibly upset. Another way Eggs tried to win her love over was offering her dick pics once he turned 18, which of course Lain didn't want. Eggs eventually became fed up with her very apparent disinterest in him. This brought him to the point of bribing her friends for pictures of her face, which he offered real life money for. He eventually received a fake to shut him up after he kept on asking over and over again. Lain has admitted that Eggs is incredibly annoying and that she doesn't like or trust him. After he admitted his crush to her, she played him along as a way to mess with him and receive comedic messages and other cringey information.

Eggs eventually realized that getting a date with Lain was useless and would never happen, and his once held crush diminished afterwards. Instead of admitting he was dumb for thinking that, however, he instead pinned it on Lain; saying that she was unpleasant, meanspirited, a cancerous memer, and "from what he's heard", ugly. All of this was an attempt to make him feel better inside and look less cringy, taking the blame off himself for failing to have a relationship with a girl he met online. He also tried getting people to believe she was a male to female trans person, although he was the only person to get tricked into actually believing this.


  • Eggs accidentally revealed the domain to the then day old DP Wiki to a group of vandals, by inviting them to a private wiki Skype group, after specifically being told not to.
  • Eggs has a deep hatred of the movie 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'. He frequently brings it up when talking about movies, but all he does is regurgitate things RedLetterMedia said about it in their review of the film.


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