The Drunken Peasants Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the semi-popular internet podcast, the Drunken Peasants. Many members of Serious Experiment Rain, including Stevo, Innos, and Gatack are currently or have been staff on the wiki. Ensoi also used to moderate the Discord server. Many members of Serious Experiment Rain revile the Drunken Peasants Wiki due to its strict business worker attitude, despite it being an online wiki where no one gets payed for, and due to many of the hypocritical, childish staff members.

History Edit

The first DP wiki was founded by an unknown guy named Raradohan. However, he soon became inactive. Thus, the wiki's top three editors, Fancy Badger, Fralab, and Bullshit Police, left and founded their own DP wiki, which quickly became more popular than original.


The original logo

However, after having to deal with what they viewed as bad Wikia policies for over a year, the then current staff (Fancy, LanceCplThomas, Innosflew, Eggs Rank, FalseShepherd, SwordofStorms, StevoAwesome, Sinistra, Gatack, and Kyon pls) migrated to a new site Innosflew purchased and created. Despite the new website being the now official wiki to the Drunken Peasants Podcast, many people continue to edit at the old wiki, which has became lawless without the staff's supervision.

Staff Members Edit

Current MembersEdit

  • Fancy Badger - Founder/President
  • Innosflew - Webmaster/God
  • SwordofStorms - Senior Admin
  • Eggs Rank - Admin
  • FalseShepherd - Admin
  • SkullAndBones/Alfred Gurnes - Admin
  • Nowhere Man - Admin/Former Vice President
  • Uzalu - Honorary Admin/Site Programmer

Former MembersEdit

  • Fralab - Noble (Inactive)
  • Bullshit Police - Noble (Banned by Wikia)
  • Revolutionary Socialist - Admin (Inactive)
  • StevoAwesome/John Lennon - Admin (Left and got banned by Fancy)
  • Cultofemmy - Admin (Banished to Hell)
  • Kivil - Admin (Demoted to the doghouse)
  • Sharkfang - Admin (Inactive)
  • Moon Lander - Moderator (Inactive)
  • MasterOfSchnitzel - Moderator (Inactive)
  • PeanutsGrowOnTrees - Moderator (Inactive)
  • Gatack - Moderator (Banished to the Wired)
  • Reddish010 - Senior Moderator (Demoted to Trusted User)
  • GenoGamma13 - Moderator (Demoted to Trusted User)
  • Kyon pls - Moderator (Demoted to Trusted User)
  • Sinistra Henry Hades - Moderator (Demoted to Trusted User)
  • MasterofBator - Moderator (Inactive)


A group of former staff members who stopped watching DP, yet continued to edit and post pro-life propaganda on the wiki until they were "defeated" by the staff.

  • Gubra Lagima/John McCain - Admin/Leader of the heretics
  • The Door Handler - Admin
  • Howard Phillips Lovcraft - Admin
  • Xyele1234 - Admin
  • Some Horrible Schmuck - Moderator

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