Danall's YouTube icon
Personal Info
Age 18
Occupation Creature Wiki admin (formerly)
Affiliation Serious Experiment Rain
Status In his own Discord

Danall (formerly known as Thedw11) is a member of Serious Experiment Rain and friend of Stevo.

Danall joined Serious Experiment Rain on December 15th, 2016, being the last to join of all the people from The Creature Wiki who Stevo invited, the others being TargetBuster and GamerMadness. Danall and Stevo held an exceptionally long conversation about the server and The Creatures and Cow Chop, but besides this, Danall has had no other interactions with another member inside Serious Experiment Rain, and hasn't talked in the chat since that day.

Danall runs a small YouTube channel where he uploads videos occasionally, linked here. Most of the videos are his impressions or thoughts on either a movie, TV show, or anime, although it houses other content as well.

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