The DP Wiki Discord Server is a server on Discord where all the DP Wiki staff members and nobles belong.

It was created on May 17th, 2016 after all the staff members decided that Skype was bad as a chat room service. The server was ordinary until Ensoi joined the chat about a month after creation. Her presence made the server lively and she blessed it with memes. Many staffers didn't like this and SwordofStorms ended up kicking Ensoi from the server, along with anyone who posts spicy memes like Grand Dad. Many staff members became less active in the chat and have became more active in the Serious Experiment Rain server, so fun can be had without upsetting Sword and his boyfriend Eggs.

Despite the server being reviled by many Serious Experiment Rain members, it is indirectly responsible for Serious Experiment Rain, as Ensoi only installed Discord because of Fancy Badger wanting her to join the DP Wiki server.

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