Boomie's Discord profile picture
Personal Info
Age Unknown
Occupation Anime fan (possibly)
Affiliation Serious Experiment Rain
Status Unknown

Boomie is a member of Serious Experiment Rain.

Boomie joined Serious Experiment Rain on December 14th, 2016, after Ensoi invited various people from her Steam friends list into the server, to increase the amount of activity inside the chat. Boomie has said absolutely nothing inside Serious Experiment Rain despite Ensoi's intent, and he is the only member inside to do so; most inactive members at least leaving an introductory message before never saying a word inside the server.

Nothing at all is known about Boomie, with gender, location, age, name, or all other significant information being entirely ambiguous. Ensoi probably knows some information about Boomie, as she has given him the 'Autism Spectrum Disorder' role inside the server, showing that she knows something about him which nobody else does. It's also safe to say that Boomie is an anime fan, as he has an anime profile picture on Discord.

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